Charles Stuart Ross Biography

I was born in the town of Prince George, in British Columbia, Canada.

Later, my family moved to the wee town of Nelson, a gorgeous little place featured in movie Roxanne. Nelson is where I first discovered the theatre. My drama teachers saved my sanity. Acting gave me a place to focus my energy.

I studied theatre at the University Victoria’s Theatre program, back when Woolly Mammoth still roamed the barren pre-internet wastelands of the 1990’s.

Since then my career has been happily writing, performing and touring solo shows. I sometimes miss being in big shows with a big cast. My community tends to be spread pretty far and wide.

The legions fans of Tolkien and Star Wars, who’ve attended my One Man Star Wars and One Man Lord of the Rings, have enriched my life with their own sense of community. I’ve toured the globe since 2002, sharing my frenetic, frequently nerdy creations with audiences of every stripe. Fandom is a community, theatre is community, and when I make a new show about something I love, I feel like it is what keeps my community together.