Imagine Samuel Beckett meets Tom Stoppard meets George Lucas.

In a galaxy teetering on the brink of war, terrorist atrocities savage the land and threaten to destroy the galactic empire.

A new ultimate weapon stands as the only beacon of peace and hope…. Iconic 421, the pride of the legions, serves with honor, an emblematic warrior. Meanwhile, his friend and genius comrade, 411, stands guard over top-secret garbage.

They dream of a vacation and days filled with new hope.

Until then, they stand their eternal post serving for 40 minutes of work, 5 minutes for sustenance, and 15 minutes for rest.

Forever and ever and ever…?

“Rosencrantz & Guildenstern-esque answer to Episode IV will give you an entirely new perspective on the inner life of Stormtroopers, something I never knew I needed until now.” -0rlando Weekly

Sure to “delight you with this stripped down, abstract take on a beloved classic.” CBC
“A beautifully crafted, Hilarious and compelling look into the bleak lives of the more overlooked, background characters of a beloved Sci Fi Galaxy. This bizarre oddity will leave Sci Fi fans delighted and wanting more.” Edmonton Journal